Wednesday, 23 October 2013

28 Sept 2013 ................Farewell, Good Bye as we always say but it was a GREAT week of mental gymnastics & learning

Today is the last lesson for our mathematics module with Doctor Yeap Ban Har........... It had been a great time of learning mathematics, the problems we were given to do were simple but mentally challenging at time as we had to find different ways to solving the problems. The problem on the Magic Card tricks needed some mental thinking as my mind shuffled with the cards and the order they needed to be. To do the order in my mind was difficult but by placing them on the table and manipulate them and ordering them was the best way to tackle the problem. Again, the theory of Jerome Bruner emphasizing the importance of using "concrete material" with active play were obvious in the card game as its seemed magical The lesson ended with A QUIZZ, it was fun running through it, a recall of the things I had learned in the last six days, the importance of teaching mathematics in a way to the young learners, in short the "play of mathematics" rather than the horrifying moments of seeing the terrors of numbers that would stifle the "Love for Figures" as the learning of Mathematics should be enjoyable and the greatest achievement for any teacher of mathematics would surely be when their students said: "Teacher, I LIKE MATHEMATICS" MATHEMATICS SHOULD NEVER BE LIKE THIS FOR ANY LEARNER OF THIS BEAUTIFUL SCIENCE!!!

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